Summers are great and there are many reasons why people prefer them over winters. Now, you might be a summer lover but you cannot ignore the excessive heat that you have to face in summer. You can enjoy the flow dresses, shorts and sundaes but then again, you have to put up with the heat. The long summer days can be brutally hot at times and sometimes, the heat becomes intolerable if you live in hotter climates. This gets even worse when you are trying to work and he heat is not letting you do anything. Similarly, if you are trying to sleep or rest, the heat can be your enemy too.

Since the Sun is out in summers, it can come in any way. And when it gets in, it can make the space a sweaty and dehydrated one. You cannot feel comfortable with so much heat. So, what is the solution? This problem is faced by everyone every summer. Every summer, you might wonder what you can possibly do about this. We have found the solution for you this time so that you can enjoy the summers while keeping free of the excessive heat.

Introduction to Fast Cool Air

Fast Cool Air is a portable air conditioner that will solve all your heat issues. A cool breeze on a hot summer day feels like a blessing, does it not? Well, this AC will let you experience that breeze indoors. It helps to make the heat levels go low so that you can do your normal chores easily. The makers of this machine say that their aim was to let people enjoy summers without worrying about the sweat, dehydration and discomfort. This portable air conditioner is suitable for everyone.

You can put it in your kid’s bedroom or anywhere in the house where you are sitting at the moment. The benefit of this AC over normal ones is that it is portable and its sleek and unique design makes it adjust to any place in the house. You can keep it on the counter while you are cooking in the kitchen or your coffee table as you are watching TV lying on your couch.

How to Use Fast Cool Air?

Using Fast Cool Air is so much easier than using a conventional AC. With the conventional models, you have to install the whole unit. That costs money and it also means that you will only be able to get cool air in that particular area of the house. With Fast Cool Air, you can enjoy cool air in just less than 60 seconds. You can install it anywhere you want. Fill water in the radiator and plug in the AC to any USB port. That’s it!

Your AC is now ready to be used. Since it fits into any USB port, you can plug it to your laptop while you are working so that the heat does not bother you while you finish an assignment or watch an important video.

Features of Fast Cool Air

There are some amazing features of Fast Cool Air that you will not find in any other AC of this sort. These features are installed in the fan to make sure that the customer enjoys this product to maximum and does not have any complain about it.

Adjustable temp: The first benefit of Fast Cool Air is that it has adjustable temperature. What this means is that you can change the temperature to your desire. If it is really hot, set the AC at high for cooler air. If the temperature is normal, you can set the AC at moderate so that the air is moderately cool.

Noise-free: One of the biggest problems that you face with table fans or other devices of this sort is that they make a lot of noise. If you are trying to work, the fan would not let you do so as its noise will keep distracting you. However, Fast Cool Air has a noiseless fan which means you can sleep or work without even realizing that there is a fan working in the room.

Clean: The manufacturers have used latest technology in this machine so that the air that you get is not only cool. At the same time, it is also fresh and clean. The AC takes air from the environment, then cleans it and makes it cool. After that, it is blown out. So, the air you get will be free of dust or other harmful contaminants.

Night-light: There is also a night-light on this AC so that you can turn it on at night if you like to have a little bit of light in the room while sleeping. You can also use it as a table lamp for working at night, if you have a roommate or you share a room with your siblings.

Fast Cool Air vs. Competition

When we compare Fast Cool Air to its competition, we see that this particular Air cooler is way better than its competitors in so many regards. First of all, it has 70% better air flow. A problem you will see with many models is that they only blow air to one side. The fan in Fast Cool Air has a 180 degrees air flow system so you will feel the cool air on your face even if you are sitting at an angle to the fan.

Also, it has been seen that Fast Cool Air is 87% quieter as compared to other models. This is a great advantage because no one wants to have a noisy fan while they are trying to rest or work. Energy efficiency of different models was also checked and it was seen that Fast Cool Air is 90% more efficient. If you want to go for a model that saves energy and does not cause a surge in your electricity bills, then this is the model you should be looking at.

Easier Breathing with Fast Cool Air

One of the best features of Fast Cool Air is that it purifies the air in the room. It removes humidity from the room so that you can breathe easier. This is a great feature that is not present in any other model of such coolers. So, this cooler with not only help you enjoy cool air on a hot day but will also make breathing easier in fresh and clean air.

Reviews of Fast Cool Air

The reviews about Fast Cool Air are great. People have found this to be an innovative idea that is the need of this hour. They say that they have no complaints regarding Fast Cool Air. 98% of the users said that they love the cool air that this AC gives. They did not expect such a small machine to work so well but it worked like a charm and they love it.

91% of the users said that after they started using this fan, they did not need to use air condition anymore. 82% of the users said that their electricity bills have dropped ever since they started using Fast Cool Air. What they mean is that with conventional air conditioning, there bills were too high but this cooler solved the problem.

Pros of Fast Cool Air

There are many pros of Fast Cool Air that make this cooler a great choice over conventional cooling methods.

  • It has a multi-colored LED light. Just turn on any light and set the mood in the room.
  • This device turns the hot stale air in your home or workplace to a cool breeze that you can enjoy on a hot summer day.
  • The cooler freshens up the air around you so that you can breathe easier even when it is scorching hot outside.
  • It is portable so you can take it anywhere you want. You can keep it in your car and take it to your workplace or set it up at home.
  • It connects easily to any USB port.
  • Fast Cool Air is energy efficient as compare to conventional cooling methods and other ACs.

Cons of Fast Cool Air

There are not really any cons of Fast Cool Air. The only problem that many people might face is that it is available online only. For some people, it is a daunting task to buy things online. However, the company has 60 day return warranty so you do not need to worry about any defect.

Where to Buy Fast Cool Air?

You can buy Fast Cool Air from the company’s website. They have amazing deals that you can avail. If you buy two Fast Cool Airs for $59 each, you get a third one for free. Similarly, there is a deal on buying 3 coolers and getting 2 free for $53 each. Head over to the website to learn more about the shipping and ordering process. The 24/7 customer service is available on the website.

Conclusion Fast Cool Air

Fast Cool Air is the need of summers and you should definitely get one for personal use.

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